Monday, June 30, 2014

How to Make Kale Chips

1.    Pre-heat the oven to 350°

2.    Prep cookie sheet with Tin Foil and non-stick spray

3.    Trader Joe's pre-cut bag of Kale

4.    De-stem the leaves that have thick stems (optional)

5.    Spread out on the cookie sheet

6.    Season with desired spices (black pepper, red pepper, onion powder, parmesan cheese, etc.)

7.    Cook for 10-15 mins. Watch them closely, they can burn quickly.

8.    Enjoy!


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Meal Prep Is Where It's At

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! This is my day to make all my breakfasts, lunches, and some side dishes for the work week. I believe it really helps me stay more on track than if I didn't. It takes me about 2+ hours for all the prep and cooking.

For my breakfasts, I make 5 oz egg whites with Kale. I make them each individually to control the amount of egg whites for each.

For my lunches, I make turkey patties (purchased at Costco). I've started making all 12 in the package and then freezing them, instead of making five for the week each Sunday. I microwave the by putting a few on a plate at time, season, add a little water and microwave for a six minutes, flip, season, and microwave for another six minutes.

Sides, I typically make for the week (lunches and dinners) are asparagus, quinoa, spaghetti squash (my latest obsession!), butternut squash, and/or brussel sprouts.

I also always have a bag of mini Sweet Peppers on hand (purchased at Costco), cut up English Cucumbers (Costco), pre-cut Celery (Costco), and if I find radishes on sale I'll buy those as well to have ready to grab.

I know a lot of people really have a hard time with setting aside time to do this but once you start it really becomes a great habit.

Now if I just had a bigger refridgerator / freezer!